ASA Colorado Facts

  • We represent nearly 200 (and growing) member shops
  • Our members are the top tier independent mechanical and collision shops in Colorado
  • Our members are the decision-makers in their shops and in the industry

What does it mean to be a Member?

Members are automotive service businesses who provide automotive repairs/services to the motoring public, and/or businesses who provide repairs/services to exclusive fleets, such as public utilities.

Why does it benefit you to join?

  • A Code of Ethics for members that establishes operating standards, fosters a dedication to quality repairs, encourages objective advice, excellent client service and provides a public acknowledgment of the ethical commitment of ASA members.
  • Continuing education and learning for member shops and their leaders.
  • Legislative advocacy - Visit Website
  • Opportunities to gather to discuss issues of common interest related to the mission of the organization.
  • ASA enables the development of alliances, partnerships, and other relationships among member shops.
  • Opportunities to influence the automotive industry and its audiences through active participation in the Association

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What does it mean to be an Associate Member?

Associate Members are businesses which supply goods, equipment or services to the automotive service industry in the state of Colorado.

Associate Member Annual dues: $1,000.00

Associate Membership is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the association and your company. Here are the benefits we offer our ASA Colorado Associate Members:

ASA Colorado Associate Membership

  • Must be a member to participate in exclusive ASA-CO events and opportunities, such as:
    • Our Annual Trade Expo
    • Sponsorship opportunities
    • Our various publications
    • Listed in our online directory
  • BENEFIT PROGRAM: As a tool to connect with our members we require Associate Members offer a unique program or service to ASA Colorado Members. Your program aids to start the dialogue with member shops. (A example program would be a discount on your service or product).
  • VALUE: Access to our most valuable resource ASA Colorado Member shops and their decision-makers through our comprehensive member database and networking opportunities.

All Associates are carefully screened to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for ASA-CO members and associate businesses. We place great value on the long-term partnerships we have with our associate members.

On behalf of the ASA Colorado Board of Directors, we welcome you and look forward to ASA Colorado becoming YOUR Association.